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Musical training and exposure to music has been proven to stimulate brain function. Our goal at BabySteps is simple; to develop a lifelong love of music in our students, helping them to understand the joy of using music as a form of expression. Planting this seed at an early age helps students develop the neurological pathways and muscle memory that aides the playing of musical instruments. In time this seed will bare fruit and the benefits will be seen in all areas of development.

  • Improve cognitive functioning
  • Increase self-regulation
  • Improved long-term memory and concentration
  • Support healthy psychological growth and emotional well-being
  • Enhanced confidence and autonomy
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills and physical coordination
  • Externalisation of emotions and feelings
  • Foster natural artistry and creativity
  • Enhanced problem solving skills and competences
  • Strengthen attachment with caregivers
  • Encourage harmonious balance between mind, body and soul