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Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy X BabySteps Summer Camp



BabySteps is proud to partner with the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy to offer a 3-week transformative journey this summer from July 13-31st.

Vienna Boys Choir has a history of 500 years, and has been inscribed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage practice. The VBCMA develops an effective program to help young learners (aged 1-3 years old) cultivate musicianship through singing, movement, and themed-based games. The course is conducted by VBCMA Pedagogue.

Enrolment: 3 weekly programs that can be joined on a week-by-week basis
Reward: Mini-performance and certificate presentation per program
Duration: 50-minute session per day

BabySteps 今個暑假與維也納兒童合唱團音樂學院推出音樂暑期班,現正接受報名。

維也納兒童合唱團 500 年來累積了豐富的藝術傳統和教學經驗,是次其音樂學院為 1-3 歲小朋友編寫音樂暑期班教程,配合年幼兒童的生理及心理發展和音樂成長而設計,引導和刺激兒童感受音樂並用音樂表達自我,最終希望讓音樂陪伴學生成長,成為他們的終生良伴。暑期班將由音樂學院的指揮親自教授!

整個暑期班有 3 個不同主題的課程,參加者可按課程報名;每一個課程為期五堂,每堂 50 分鐘;每週第五堂會有一個小型音樂表演及頒獎禮。

*Date & Theme 時間及課程主題*
13 - 17 July (Mon-Fri) Animal Fair
20 - 24 July (Mon-Fri) Yummy for the Tummy
27 - 31 July (Mon-Fri) Music Around Me