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About Us

BabySteps International Preschool recognizes that every child has a unique learning style, and to address this, we have created a diverse curriculum that caters to sensory, auditory, visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and experiential learning. Our materials and activities engage all the senses to provide the most effective learning experience for children.

Repetition and practice are integral to building neural pathways in the brain and developing various thinking skills during different developmental stages. As babies are born with most of the neurons they will ever have, we strive to stimulate them with a wide range of activities. Our curriculum comprises five learning dimensions, addressing different aspects of a child's growth and development:

Explore: Provides babies with opportunities to explore and engage their senses.

Discover: Helps babies learn new skills like walking and basic sounds.

Learn: Assists children in gaining knowledge in language, socialization, and physical activities.

Apply: Encourages children to apply what they have learned through exploration and discovery.

Accomplish/Achieve: Helps children execute and master the skills and knowledge gained through regular practice.

We prioritize early childhood development and promote activities like audio and visual recognition, music appreciation, and sound-forming, which are crucial for effective communication and self-expression. Our environment is nurturing, secure, and focuses on physical development and coordination, including gross and fine motor skills during the pre-walking, crawling, and walking stages. Additionally, we offer programs that help children smoothly transition to kindergarten and prepare them for formal education.