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Testimonial - Eileen Ho

Testimonial - Sarah Leyshan

Testimonial - Tina Chan


We come to BabySteps about four times a week. I think that a spacious environment is crucial for my child's holistic development. Unfortunately, my house does not have such space, unlike BabyStep's spacious playrooms and Free Play Area. Jago is much more active, and willing to initiate tasks after his sessions at BabySteps. While he gets the opportunity to crawl freely and interact with other babies, I can sit back, relax and sip on my coffee in the relaxation area!

Lucy, Mother of Jago (aged 1)


I never knew therapeutic free play could be so powerful. As a parent, having to give up giving instruction is hard. However, once a child is exposed to free play, the sky really is the limit! There is so much more potential to be discovered in my son, I noticed that my son controls and expresses his emotion way better in the play room and it is better because there is no voice around telling him what to do constantly. The freedom that therapeutic play offers has such a great impact on a child’s emotional growth. The play specialist at BabySteps is very caring, she really understands what the child is thinking. After I understood what the therapeutic approach really is, and that the teacher is not a leader, the subtle connection is so much stronger. She really knows how to compliment the child.

Maria, Mother of Alexander (aged 2)


Joined the therapeutic play program, because I wanted my son to open up. After joining therapeutic play, he really started to open up more, and it is an exciting moment when he misses the play specialist and his classmates. I really appreciate the small class size, because he receives a lot more attention. I can see a very positive emotional development in my son. Coming to the therapeutic play program also acts as a resource to learn more tips and techniques in parenting. Also, I am happy with the spacious and clean space!

Carol, Mother of Vulcan (aged 2.5)


I have always wanted my son to have fun through music, to have a healthy emotional development, and to have something which helps him control his own emotions. The music specialist at BabySteps is very professional and well educated in music. I was very amazed the moment my son started playing with the different instruments. Randomly, the music specialist was able to perform a song on the spot to match with the rhythm my son was making. I feel that the program is very child-led and interactive. My son now feels happier and less shy.

Mother of JiaBo (aged 3)